Mary Liu is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker and Mentor who empowers women to find their voice and speak their truth so that they can be free to show up as their authentic and confident self in order to transform their relationships, careers, and their life.

After 46 years, Mary finally found her voice and now shares her life story to inspire and give hope to audiences to let them know they are enough, just as they are.  She provides a platform for women to share their life stories and message to inspire and give hope to others.

Mary has spoken on international stages and inspired audiences as large as 18,000 at national conventions, women’s organizations, corporations, associations, colleges, universities, radio shows, and international television talk shows.

Mary is also the visionary of the Transforming Lives One Story at a Time Movement. She believes everyone has a story that needs to be told, and when shared, can transform the life of someone else who’s waiting to hear it.

Mary has helped hundreds of women tell their stories.  Why?  Because she has a story in her about a woman who hid behind a mask of shame and secrets for 46 years and she knew she couldn’t keep it inside of her; that there were other women out there who was going through what she went through, or who had just come out of what she had gone through, or women who might be living it right now.  When she got her story out, she felt for the first time, she had a voice.

Now, she’s committed to helping women get their story out; the story inside their belly that needs to be told so that they, too, can be free from the shackles of shame that show up in their relationships, in their careers, and in their life and make a difference by transforming lives with their message.

Mary is the producer of the annual Speak Your Truth, Women’s Empowerment Conference bringing together the most courageous and inspirational women speakers to share their life story and message.

Mary shares her authentic and raw delivery of her story through keynote speeches, breakout sessions, conferences, and in her book. Audiences love Mary for her ability to take them on an emotional roller coaster ride throughout her storytelling and inspiring them along the journey.

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Mary Liu signing her first autograph for Speaking Your Truth

In her business presentations and training, Mary is best known for her signature step-by-step interactive training programs that are delivered with a heart centered approach to generate results.  She also has the ability to take complex subjects and translate it into easy-to-understand actions steps for her audience and clients.

Additionally, she mentors speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to craft and tell their stories and how to incorporate it into their marketing to generate leads, make more sales, and attract their ideals clients.

Mary has shared the stage and been mentored by Alex Mandossian, T. Harv Eker, Tom Antion, Marcia Wieder, Blair Singer, and Leela Francis, just to name a few.

She gives back to her community by supporting Alliance For Smiles, a non-profit organization that provides cleft surgeries to children around the world that otherwise couldn’t afford it. This is an organization that is especially close to her heart.

Mary Liu standing ovation