Listed below are my most requested presentations and programs, however, please note I would be happy to customize a program to reflect your specific goals and outcomes. Together we can incorporate your messaging and stories or change program titles to better align with your theme. Call Mary at 415.237.3367 to find out more.  All programs listed available in keynote and extended breakout formats.

Most Requested Presentations:

“Own Your Story Own Your Success”

In this presentation, Mary will inspire and motivate you to recognize and celebrate your own successes through the poignant stories she shares about living a life “hiding” in shame and secrets from the day she was born to 46 years later finally finding her voice and speaking her truth to unveiling her mask and allowing people to see her authentic self.  She shares why releasing your shame and secrets and allowing yourself to be seen and heard can transform your relationships, career, and your life.  Mary shares her lessons learned and why sharing your story of adversity is the key component to owning your success. You will walk away seeing your own brilliance in a new light.

You will learn:

  • Why sharing your story is a key component to transforming your life and business success.
  • Discover one simple technique to help you through challenging times.
  • Walk away empowered and inspired!


“The Power of Storytelling to Transform Your Business Success”

The ability to learn the power of storytelling is the single most important business development tool to increase profits. Mary will share the 5 best storytelling strategies to build confidence, credibility, and profitability for any business. She will share and interweave her own personal heroine’s journey story keeping the audience captivated while giving them the blueprint necessary to share their own stories to make an impact in their business and in their life!

You will learn:

  • The 5 Best Storytelling Strategies to Build Confidence, Credibility, and Profitability!
  • Why sharing your story is a key component to transforming your business success.
  • Walk away with the strategies you can implement immediately.


“Your Little Voice:  Friend or Foe?  Partner or Adversary, You Decide!”

We all have a little voice inside our head.  On good days, your little voice can be your best cheerleader, but on bad days, it can be your worst nightmare.  Your little voice is so powerful it can make or break a relationship, determine the outcome of your goals, or even the success of your business.

  • Learn how to gain control of your little voice so it behaves the way you want.
  • Learn 7 little voice management techniques.
  • Discover how your self talk can negatively or positively determine your success.


“Step Up and Stand Out in a Bigger, Bolder, Brilliant Way”

In this high-content, interactive program, Mary will share her marketing secrets on how you can step up and stand out in a bigger, bolder, more brilliant way to showcase YOU and/or your business!  You will walk away with resources you can immediately implement to create more visibility, credibility and profitability.

You will learn:

  • The secrets to relationship networking
  • Online strategies to get seen!
  • The tools you need to stand out in a crowd
  • The importance of a great First Impression


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